Nanny cam clock/radio sold for $299 and no clock to be seen. Refuses refund

Houston, Texas 2 comments
Not resolved

Nanny advertised clock/radio with camera.Upon receiving the unit the clock was so dim the digital numers could not be seen.

They refuse to refund my money on the grounds that it works as camera, but has to be dim so hidden camera can't be seen. What a joke. I sent back overbite to have it"adjusted". An additional $70 out of pocket for this shipping I am told that is just how it is and to pick another product!, nanny is acting as if I am totally wrong for expecting to get what was advertised and what I now have over $400 invested ii!!!

do not buy from nanny

It is a one woman show working out of living room with no investment and no control over customer service.

Colorado company.Beware

Review about: Clock Radio.



I returned a working camera? Radio? Surely you are not claiming it was a working clock!


Customer returned the working item and was refunded in full.

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